Implementing Partners

Sortenförderungsgesellschaft mbH (SFG)

The German Society for Plant Variety Promotion (Sortenförderungsgesellschaft – SFG mbH) is a 100-percent subsidiary of the German Plant Breeders’ Association BDP. SFG’s core business areas are plant variety testing and international projects for seed sector development.

LInk to SFG

ADT Project Consulting GmbH (ADT)

ADT Project Consulting GmbH (ADT) is specialized in international project management and consulting in the fields of livestock, agriculture and food. The company has successfully managed and implemented more than 80 projects in 50 countries during the past 20 years.

German Plant Breeders’ Association (BDP)

The German Plant Breeders’ Association represents the professional interests of the German plant breeding and seed trading industry and is also active to facilitate international cooperation and exchange in the field of plant breeding and seed trading.

BDP is a registered non-governmental association. BDP has created a network of organisations covering all issues relevant to the seed sector. (